Our Services

Learn about the range of services we offer through our medical clinic. We strive to provide complete comfort for your pet.

Our Practices

Main services we provide for you and your pet

The following are the most important services provided by Family Vet Center Hospital.

  • Eliminate insects and parasites
  • Ear and eye Infections
  • Hair, teeth and nails care
  • Good accommodation for your pet
  • Special food for your pet
  • Vaccines
  • Respiratory and digestive diseases
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Soft membrane operations
  • Pet cleansing and euthanasia end of life
What do we offer

We provide full care for your pet with more than 12 years experience

Family Vet Center is a complete veterinary service for pets, cats and dogs to keep up with their medical, surgical, dental and behavioral needs. Dr. Abdullah Aldeeb and his team work with pet owners to achieve this goal in ways that are flexible and respectful of ownership decisions.

Techniques available in the clinic for the treatment and care of your pet

طوارئ بيطري
surgical room

Performing surgeries in a dedicated room.

digital x-ray vet

An advanced x-ray machine.

ultrasound sonar vet

Ultrasound Sonar of your pet.

blood analysis vet

Dedicated blood analysis lab.