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Family Vet Center is a complete veterinary service for pets, cats and dogs to keep up with their medical, surgical, dental and behavioral needs. Dr. Abdullah El Deeb and his team work with pet owners to achieve this goal in ways that are flexible and respectful of ownership decisions. FOR CONTACT : 01005200319

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The emergency service is available 24/7 to serve you with any inquiries about your pet.

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Welcome to Family Vet Centre, the best veterinary clinic in Egypt

طوارئ بيطري
surgical room

Performing surgeries in a dedicated room.

digital x-ray vet

An advanced x-ray machine.

ultrasound sonar vet

Ultrasound Sonar of your pet.

blood analysis vet

Dedicated blood analysis lab.

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Our Practices

We provide the complete care your pet needs

The Family Fit Center clinic is available 24 hours a day for emergency treatment and surgeries.

Our Practices

We offer you the best medical services

Family Vet Center Hospital provides all the essential veterinary services that your beloved pet needs to stay healthy. From preventive health checks and vaccinations, to dental care, internal medicine and surgery, let our animal-loving veterinarian staff take care of your pet like theirs!

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Eliminate insects and parasites
  • Ear Infection treatment
  • Hair Care
  • Dental Care
  • Special food for your pet
  • Animal cleansing operations
  • And Much More

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مكان محترم وموثوق بيه ، كلبي كنت جايبه تعبان جدا ولكن الاطباء قامو باللازم من استقبال ورعايه وعلاج واستلمته بعدها باسبوع الحمد لله كان متعافي تماما. شكرا للاطباء المحترمين المتواجدين وصاحب المركز بالاخص.
Khaled Sameer
Google Review
العياده والخدمه جميله جداً بصراحه حتى الكلب بتاعي اللي اسمه ابو عقاب اول ما يمرض اروح مسافر فشخمن السعودية للدكتور عبدالله.
شكرا يا دكتور شكرا
Google Review

Our Services

Complete care of your pet.

Our medical practices

Treat your Pet with advanced methods.

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طوارئ بيطري

Emergency Call

المحتوى FAMILY VET CENTER مستشفى بيطري فى 6 اكتوبر اتصل بنا على : 01005200319 متخصصين فى علاج حيوانك الأليف .. على مدار 24 ساعة ( طوارئ ) المستشفى مُجهزة بالكامل…
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Treating worms in dogs

Treating worms in dogs المحتوى Treating worms in dogs Why do veterinarians always want to take a sample of your dog’s stool for examination at every annual visit to look…
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cat sterilization in 6 october

cat sterilization in 6 october cat sterilization in 6 october، يلجأ اغلب مربين الحيوانات الأليفة وخاصة الذكور منهم، الى عملية تعقيم القطط الذكور لتجنب سلوكيات القِطط في مرحلة التزاوج من…